Our values

For your listening

In Led Solution, our first objective is to propose several solutions to the client remaining in his listening from the beginning to the end of the project. In this way, it is so beautiful and of course the client chose the solution from among all those offered by LED solutions. With us, our motto says : 'The best solution is the one that you choose among those we offer you.'

Research solutions

Led Solution commits dice to the specifications defined to perform a product search to worldwide to find the best quality at the most competitive price. Rather than submit a single solution, we offer an assortment of product/ solution in order to present you with the one that suits you the best.

Professional Service

After the first interview, which will establish all of your requirements, we offer you a professional service for professional. This is also the case for the quality of the products that you will be offered. We work only with the lighting of professional-quality high-performance well far from what you can find in supermarkets.


We put to your advantage our experience in the field of LED lighting since the very beginning of the arrival of the LED on the global market. You can therefore be sure that by calling us, you collaborate with experts in the field.

Ecological commitment.

Value dear to our eyes since the beginning , the ecology is paramount in our society. To do this, we minimize some of the packages for the good of the planet. Let's not forget that the LED lighting is used without the need of inert gases present in the bulbs of traditional and not ideal for our planet. It also has a longer life than the other. It is, therefore, less bulbs to replace and less waste for the environment.